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Spencer Reed fucks MY arse live on stage

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It’s the HotRods night and the awards are in full swing. With young stud Sam Barclay getting his harness on and socks pulled up, he’s getting ready for one hell of a heavy fucking by US superstar Spencer Reed live and in front of the entire club! Collared and chained, there’s a reason why Spencer is Best Top 2012 and this is it! With Sam getting throat fucked and arse eaten by our daddy in charge, he’s swiftly bent double in front of everyone and ploughed hard by Spencer’s famous thick cut cock! Pushed and pulled all the way in and all the way out, there’s no denying Sam is feeling every rock hard inch playing with his insides as his neck is pulled back and tight body contorted with each heavy thrust until both men spunk hard, leaving the stage awash with man juice.


Hope you have a fab Christmas

Festive love SammyB Xx

HustlaBall weekend and more Part 5

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Part5 HotRods Awards 2012

So the show went down a storm :) just one thing left to do…

Well there was two things firstly JP was nominated for best new comer at the HotRods British porn Awards and he only went and won

That deserves a massive well done really proud of my boy :-)

following the awards Spencer Reed give me and the crowed a treat here is a little taster…


There is a DVD and more to come at somepoint once I know when it’s out i will keep you all posted

SammyB Xx

Hustlaball 2012

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Yes it’s that time of year again and JP and my self have been invited back to Hustlaball 2012. We will be doing a live sex show heading up the British peformers and repersenting Eurocreme, so why not come a long and suport Team UK and hang out with us in the VIP area.

We are both dead excited this year with the great line up, we’re both looking forward to hanging out and meeting the big US stars such as Brent Everett, Steve Pena and Spencer Reed

Have you got your tickets yet??? If not get them now before its too late!

Don’t forget on the Sunday night it’s the HotRods awards so make sure you get a long and support my man JP If you haven’t voted for him you can do so by clicking here (do it now please :P )

Be assured that we will have our camera and there will be plenty of pic’s and of course while we are on stage we can’t take our own pics so if you snap us be sure to let us know and we will feature your pictures on our blog’s

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Hope to see you there come and say hi if you see us and get a pic with us :)

SammyB Xx