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POSTED ON February 13th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

Hey guys you may have seen I made a little visit to Rome a few weeks ago so I though id share with you a few snaps


Photo 21-01-2015 20 18 55

Photo 21-01-2015 20 42 11


Photo 24-01-2015 00 30 58


Photo 29-01-2015 12 29 36

Photo 29-01-2015 12 29 37


Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 00.31.56 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 00.32.37

Photo 29-01-2015 12 29 41


Photo 29-01-2015 18 20 13


I have to say Muccassassina was a really cool night had lots of fun there if you want to see more photo and videos then you can by clicking these links

photo gallery >

video >

if your ever in Rome then I recommend checking this place out great night :-)

I have another show this coming weekend in Antwerp Belgium at Red&Blue Im take JP with me this time and will be on stage with two super stars Rocco Steel and David Benjamin if your going for the leather weekend then make sure you stop by red and blue

Photo 11-02-2015 09 02 18

Photo 10-02-2015 19 35 33

Photo 08-02-2015 18 46 54


Don’t worry if you can make the trip to Antwerp you can see me at R18 at Eagle london on the 28 Feb

Photo 06-02-2015 18 00 53


And on the 26 March I will be at the Prowler Porn Awards Im up for Best Bristish Stud so please drop me a vote and dont for get to vote for JP and HotJocks too were up for a few awards :-)



Hopefully I will be seeing you very soon SammyB Xx

Hard Time | Hot House

POSTED ON December 16th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

So while JP and myself made a little trip to the USA this year we stopped off to see Christian Owen at HotHouse where we end up in the slammer

here are some of the pictures from the scene hope you enjoy…

hh089_scene1_001 hh089_scene1_002 hh089_scene1_003 hh089_scene1_004 hh089_scene1_005 hh089_scene1_007 hh089_scene1_006 hh089_scene1_008 hh089_scene1_009 hh089_scene1_010 hh089_scene1_011 hh089_scene1_012 hh089_scene1_013 hh089_scene1_014 hh089_scene1_015


 hope you enjoyed check out the movie on HotHouse


SammyB Xx Dominic Pacifico fucks my hole

POSTED ON December 14th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

So my next scene is out!! Yes a new site for you to see me on WorldOfMen


Dominico Pacifico fucks Brit muscle pup Sam Barclay

Dominic Pacifico really hit the jackpot on his recent trip to the UK. The Latino LA native loves to get his fuck on when he travels overseas, and he hooks up with Sam Barclay his first night in a nightclub. They end up at Dominico’s suite and the pair get naked, kissing and groping each other and pawing at each other’s cocks. Dominico gets on his knees to suck on the Brit lad’s stiff cock and eat out his delicious tight fuckhole. Sam is so turned on by the Latino stud servicing his throbbing cock and asshole, he thinks he might blow his load prematurely. Dominico wants to tease out Sam’s experience, so he relents on the cock and presents his own throbbing member for the muscle pup to devour. Sam sucks on Dominico’s cock like a piece of candy until Dom wants to feel the hot flesh of Sam’s ass. He rams his stiff cock into Sam’s tight asshole and pumps him until both dudes dump massive loads of cum all over each other.

Hoped you enjoyed the pictures

SammyB Xx