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Well what have I been up to will as you might know I’m a busy boy

last weekend me and JP went to berlin for the first boner party check out a few of the pics…



The Prowler Porn awards will be taking place on the 14th of March and voting closes on the 6th and it couldn’t be easier to vote! There’s no sign up or email confirmation just go through the form as best you can and vote for your favourite in each category. VOTE HERE I think you can even do it a couple of times, if you’re feeling cheeky!

I’m up for:

Best On Screen Couple with JP of course so get voting now












SammyB Xx

Man Power | Hard Friction | Raging Stallion

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Here it is my debut for Raging Stallions hard friction site and dvd Man Power






Steve Cruz directs Exclusives Shawn Wolfe and Seven Dixon in Powerful Release 

Hard Friction’s latest release, Man Power, serves up a fuck fest that’s all about how to pleasure a man.  And to pleasure a man you have to understand more than sensation: sucking his huge cock the right way or opening your tight juicy hole for him. Good technique is half the battle. Hot sex between men is also an exchange of power, Man Power. Starring Exclusives Shawn Wolfe and Seven Dixon, and featuring some of the biggest names in gay porn including Landon Conrad, Damien Crosse, Jimmy Durano, Adam Ramzi, Tyson Tyler and Sam Barclay, Director Steve Cruz assembled an all-star cast.
















Dominating tops – Jimmy Durano, Damien Crosse, Adam Ramzi and Landon Conrad – hump their men – Seven Dixon, Shawn Wolfe, Sam Barclay and Tyson Tyler – into submission. These tops lock in a gaze that lets their bottom know, ‘Relax, I got you.” … in some cases flipping the balance of power before they are through and giving it up sweet in return.  That’s Man Power, and you’ll find it here from every powerful start to each cum-soaked finish.







Scene 3: Adam Ramzi and Sam Barclay

Sam Barclay kneels before dark and beautiful Adam Ramzi. Gazing into those warm chestnut eyes, smoothing his hand over his furry brown body and in his thick beard. Licking his lips, sucking his juicy nipples before finally devouring his pretty uncut cock and ball sack. Adam bends over the ballsy Brit to make a feast of his tight pink hole. He rims him into ecstasy, then forces Sam’s huge balls and uncut cock down his bearded throat, licking back and forth between ass and man parts. Once Sam is primed, Adam punches his cock into the pink wet spot, his hairy nuts slapping against smooth sweaty ass-cheeks. In the passion, they flip over and Adam tames him literally by the cock and balls. While Adam fucks his ass hard and fast he steady jacks Sam’s hard red throbber until the white hot explosions project out onto his sweaty abs. Adam then pulls out and sprays a load on satisfied Sam. After great pleasure, both men collapse in a tongue embrace.






Hope you enjoy this scene I did

SammyB Xx

UKHotJocks | OriFFICE Junior | BoardMEATING

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So here it is our first orgy scene that we shoot for our site I left JP behind the the controls for this one and got stuck in to the action

It’s another big, boring, board meeting and most of the staff look as though they’re loosing the will to live! Seth is leading the proceedings attended by Sam, Diesel, Leo and James. Some guys twiddle with their phones to pass the time whereas some of them are doing their best to feign interest in the weekly reports. Time for the projector but hold on, it doesn’t seem to be working? Seth tries everything to keep the meeting going but in vain he can’t get the projection to work. Reaching out onto the table he tries to manually fix it, only he can’t reach. Embarrassing but seemingly the only way, he crawls up onto the massive meeting room table to fix the device. NOW the guys seem interested, Seths pert little bum in his already tight pants, wiggling in the air whilst he’s busy with a tech fault. It’s not long before all the guys have noticed that they’re ALL looking at him, Seth remains oblivious.

Suit trousers tighten, crotches bulge and hands start to wander. Before they know it they’re all standing around the table cocks out, hard and pointing at the office junior, lucky boy! They spin him round like a lazy susan, force dicks in his mouth and tongues in his arse. Shirts and shoes hit the floor and the giant board room table becomes the perfect piece of furniture to command a 5 man orgy! So many arses to fuck and mouths to fill, maybe they should make THIS a weekly occurrence instead?




watch the trailer

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 21.25.03 1

hope you enjoyed it look out for some hot stuff we have to come in 2014 on UKHotJocks

Happy New Year

SammyB Xx

Hard Time | Hot House

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So while JP and myself made a little trip to the USA this year we stopped off to see Christian Owen at HotHouse where we end up in the slammer

here are some of the pictures from the scene hope you enjoy…

hh089_scene1_001 hh089_scene1_002 hh089_scene1_003 hh089_scene1_004 hh089_scene1_005 hh089_scene1_007 hh089_scene1_006 hh089_scene1_008 hh089_scene1_009 hh089_scene1_010 hh089_scene1_011 hh089_scene1_012 hh089_scene1_013 hh089_scene1_014 hh089_scene1_015


 hope you enjoyed check out the movie on HotHouse


SammyB Xx

Hustlaball London 2013 | UKHotJocks

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So this year JP and myself returned to hustlaball London and we took UKHotJocks with us  we though as it was the launch of our brand new site it was only fair to share some of our hot jocks with you!

we took along Tyson Tyler, Issac Jones, Dave Circus, Kayden Gray, and of course JP and myself we hosted the VIP room and had the super star DJ’s Chi Chi larue and Jodie Harsh spinning up some fab tunes and we also took our fabulaus cyber trannies from Manchester down to help keep the VIPs entertained

we took along our cameras and made you few movies which can be scene on ukhotjocks.com
there are 3 hot videos for you

4play with Kayden gray, Isaac  Jones, Dave Circus, Tyson Tyler


this movies does exactly what it says on the tin these for get all hot and raunch on stage getting each other all worked up and hard for the main show

then myself and JP did a special show for the VIP members featuring a can of spray cream this gets very messy!

and then there was the main show featuring Tyson Tyler, Dave Circus, Kayden Gray, Jp and myself

this sees Jp slamming Tyson hungry hole and me giving jp a good seeing to plus lots of horny sucking and play between all the guys here are a few pictures for the night

if you enjoyed this then you can get some more Hustlaball action this weekend with myself and Jp in New York

Get the VIP experience this Saturday at HUSTLABALL!

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JP and I (UKHotJocks.com) are very proud and honoured to be hosting this years London Hustlaball VIP room. Tickets are still available for both standard and VIP. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever and not just because we’re hosting it! Over 60 performers from all corners of the globe are culminating for this one massive annual event.


We wanted to tell you what we’ve personally got in store for you and the night. As part of our hosting duties we’ll be staying in the VIP room keeping the guests entertained with a host of stars from Team Hot Jocks! We’ll be taking a few breaks from the VIP area to put on some of the infamous stage shows which can be watched from the viewing area in the VIP section. Kayden Gray, Dave Circus, Issac Jones, Scott Hunter, Harley Everett and of course Sam Barclay and myself (JP Dubois) will be there to chat have photos with, entertain and arouse you. We’re also taking some of our fabulous friends from Manchester with us. Tranarchy’s own Anna Phylactic and Cheddar Gawgus will be keeping VIP’s entertained whilst the boys are away and organising some fun and games with the guys for your entertainment. Dazzling everyone with their outrageous personalities and even more excessive outfits. We have some real drag royalty DJ’ing exclusively in our VIP room, US Porn director, DJ and industry mogul ChiChi Larue will be laying out some hot beats. Not only that, Londons own long reigning queen of the scene Jodie Harsh will be taking control of the decks with her special brand of funky cunty house.




Name dropping aside this promises to be a REAL VIP experience. We are fortunate enough to have sponsors in the form of KeepBurning.com, BarcodeBerlin.com, the fantastic Manchester LGF, Expectations.co.uk and brand the new monthly offering from Boyz Magazine; DirtyBoyz. They have all contributed in some way to the night and have merchandise in the exclusive VIP goodie bags.

In the main room there will be loads going on. Performances and stage shows from other studios, artists and of course, LOADS of porn stars! There is also a massive playroom hosted by Hardon for those feeling extra horny!

Countless hours of preparation have gone into the night, we hope to see you there!

You can purchase tickets from www.hustlaball.com/Tickets you can get these on the door but beware, this is usually a sold out event so get them early!

Hope to see you there

SammyB Xx

UKHotJocks | Hot&Cold | Cool Pool-side Fuck

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So our launch has been a great success so far And were are flying the scenes out so here is another with me in and the super hot Dean Monroe


When things are going wrong you need a friend to turn to. Dean is devilishly handsome, sophisticated with a body to die for and the sexual appetite to match. He doesn’t mind looking out for Sam and taking him under his wing when he needs somewhere to go, though he wants something in return and Sam is only too willing to give it to him. Wealthy and affluent, Sam get’s lost in the grounds of Deans house, he can’t seem to find him. Around the back of his estate in the pool house, Dean is waiting for him. He immediately invites him in for a dip, Sam strips off and jumps in. A little cold Dean offers to warm him up, where they have a wet embrace, kiss… and the rest!

Sam licks and fucks Deans willing arse with his rigid meaty cock, in the pool, on the poolside and up against the window, shooting his cum on his hard muscle butt.

Watch the trailer here

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 22.15.14

Enjoy Sammyb xx

Our First Release Hot&Cold | Ice-Cold

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Well here it is UKHotJocks first Scene Release

It was a movie that we made back in our early days of filming as you may have noticed  by my Fresh faced look we always try to add a little edge to our movies I hope you will enjoy this one I did it was very Hot&Cold to make

H&C cover2

“Relationships are tough. Being monogamous just doesn’t work for some guys, they can’t help themselves. Tempers flare, harsh words are spoken and attitudes scorn. Try playing it cool or burn each other with your actions. This is the Hot and cold story of one such couple.

Sam Barclay and Kenzie Madison are cute, young city living guys with a fiery partnership. They love each other but can’t seem to be faithful. Tired of the callus lies Kenzie storms out of the apartment they share, off to a seedy sauna for some anonymous fun. Meanwhile, Sam invites one of his regular fuck buddies round to take the edge off. Danny really pushes him to his limits then fucks him stupid! Sam has a thing for ‘ice play’, you’ll see exactly what I mean in this scene. Just how many can he take?”

Ice1 Ice2





Check out the trailer here

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 18.35.11

Enjoy Sammyb Xx